I Studied architecture for five years followed with four years in comic book school (Angouleme). My interest in new technologies lead me in 3D software studies for another year, in the CNBDI, Angouleme.

I started working in animation in France and soon got the privilege to work for Amblimation (London) on the feature animation film BALTO.
Joining the Dreamworks animation crew in 1996, I worked as a Layout Artist on productions such as PRINCE OF EGYPT, THE ROAD TO ELDORADO and SPIRIT.
While in Los Angeles, I studied life drawing and art with Karl Gnass at the American Animation Institute.

Developping a personal style, I got the opportunity to put my skills in the service of concept art for feature animation in Hahn Films AG (Berlin), for « PLANET 51 » a feature animation from Ilion Studios (Madrid) and computer games (Edge Digital Europe studio, Berlin, Quantic Dream studio, Paris, Arkane Studios, Phoenix interactive studio, Eden games studio , Lyon, Ubi-soft studio, Paris).

Recently, I moved back from Oslo (Norway) where I was working as concept artist for « The Secret World« ,a game from Funcom.

I’m now living in Blois, France where I’m freelance concept artist